Biblical Counseling Course: Student Comments

Part 1 - Growth and Change from the Heart

Hey guys!

Wanted to let you know about a course that has really been instrumental in my new and renewing Biblical perspective on life!

It is a Biblical Counseling Course taught by Steve and Erica Lawry teaching students (and other guests) how the Bible can apply to our daily lives and our mindsets. It's hard for me to explain the depth and richness with which they explore the Word, but I can tell you that when it goes that deep, it really challenges your preconceptions and worldview in Very powerful life-giving way. It's deep theology mixed with real practicality. it's a hard combo to come by these days!

Andrew Chung

This great class has been a tremendous blessing in my life, as well as in the lives of many generations of Stanford students. Hope that you'll have the chance to check it out!

Do you hunger for an in-depth study of God's Word?

Would you like to explore how the Bible applies to your everyday life? What has the Bible got to say about handling stress, overcoming habits, and your relationships to roommates, family, friends?

Would you like to encourage others from God's Word but sometimes wish that you knew more about how to do this?

If so, perhaps the Biblical Counselling Course is for you...

- Buchan Quek

Welcome to an amazing year of learning and growth. I want to tell you about what I've found to be one of the greatest opportunities for me to grow as a Christian. The Biblical Counseling Course is a year-long class taken straight from God's Word. This fall quarter, we will be looking at Growth and Change from the Heart. We will be covering topics such as how God can redemptively use the habits, stress, and depression that we experience in a fallen world. We will study the scriptural basis for every believer's hope of becoming like Jesus. We will also study how these truths can be applied in our lives and the lives of others. The class, now in its 28th year, is taught by Steve and Erica Lawry, with Steve teaching and Erica presenting examples of practical applications of the passages.

The Biblical Counseling Course is meant to help in equipping you to counsel others from God's Word, and is taken in conjunction with your regular church or fellowship. Because we study the Bible, you can benefit from auditing the class simply by sitting in on the lectures, or you can benefit more by studying the scriptures yourself in the week before the class. This is an extracurricular class, and is not taken for University credit.

Although most students take the class once, this is my third year taking the course, simply because I have found this to be the most important learning material and application I have seen in any class at Stanford.

- Brian Decker