Biblical Issues Seminars

Biblical Issues Seminars—for Personal Growth and Equipping to Minister to Others

Practical Wisdom from Key Passages of Scripture followed by Q&A / Discussion

Biblical issues seminars focus on specific issues that are common to most of our life experiences and those around us, communicating practical insights and wisdom that God has given us in relevant passages of scripture to help us appropriate the opportunities inherent in the challenge for real life for ourselves, our relationships, and our ministries to others.

To be offered several Fridays per quarter, 12:00noon-1:20pm by Parakaleo Christian Ministries at Stanford

Open to all Stanford graduate and undergraduate students from all fellowships.

Previous Seminars from 2018-19:

Overcoming FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

FOMO has plagued every human being since the tempter worked over the first couple in the garden. The variations and specifics are infinite, but the fear of missing out is ever with us, and the Bible offers awesome insights into the dynamics of "FOMO" and wisdom for believers and unbelievers alike.

Friday October 12th, 12noon-1:20pm (followed by optional Q&A/discussion), Old Union Room 301
Strategies for Partnering Actively with the Lord over Christmas Break
  • Navigating moving from the independence and spontaneity of college life back into the family routine and expectations
  • How to deal with anxiety over impending conversations with parents who are eager to keep imparting their wisdom on how you can improve
  • Living out the "new you" instead of passively dropping into the "old you" while at home with your family and friends
  • Being alert to the God-designed opportunities to give life while resting and having fun with friends and family
  • Download Seminar Handout (PDF)!

Friday December 7th, 12noon-1:20pm (followed by optional Q&A/discussion), Old Union Room 301

Come for all or any portion as classes, etc. permit.

Past Seminars

  • How Modern Saints Can Love Their Valentines
  • Freedom to Forgive, Freedom to Love
  • Leaving and Yet Honoring Parents
  • Dealing with Anger
  • Roommates: Friendship, Frustration, and Fellowship
  • Victory over Habits
  • Motivation in Study, the Lab, and the Workplace
  • Freedom from Image, Exercise and Eating Patterns
  • How to Identify a Prospective Life Partner

Sample Seminar Topics

Popular topics from past years (some of which might be repeated) have included:

  • Triumphing over DEPRESSION
  • Successfully Managing STRESS
  • Leaving and Yet Honoring PARENTS
  • ROOMMATES: Friendship, Frustration, Fellowship
  • FITTING IN in an Unbelieving Society
  • MOTIVATION for Study, Research, etc.
  • Breaking Free from PORNOGRAPHY
  • What to Look for in a DATING PARTNER, etc.
  • Hopes and Pitfalls in DATING an UNBELIEVER
  • How to FORGIVE and Get Free from Past Hurts
  • Reconstructing My IDENTITY as a Christian
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