Biblical Counseling Course: Student Comments

Part 2 - Fruitful Interpersonal Relationships

You're busy, tired, overcommitted, working on relationships, figuring out career choices... do you have time and energy for a Biblical counseling course?

YES! *

The Biblical Counseling Course at Stanford is an awesome opportunity for deep spiritual insight and transforming personal growth. It doesn't matter if you're interested in ministry, counseling, business, medicine, law, or simply living-- it's relevant for anyone who wants to learn more about the fullness of life with the Lord in a very practical way.

Steve and Erica Lawry, both Stanford graduates, have been sharing the Lord's wisdom with Stanford students for over thirty years and have a gift for providing a Biblical perspective on everyday issues. In teaching about everything from personal change to dating relationships, they offer a unique combination of Biblical scholarship and practical personal experience that brings the Word to life.

The course is organized topically; this winter we'll be learning about how to bring the Lord's fruitfulness into interpersonal relationships. A few of the topics include: how to enter into and sustain redemptive relationships, conflict resolution and fulfilling friendship, and ministry through loving as Jesus loved. (However, I must say, no matter what the topic, something in each class has always been relevant for wherever I come in that day in addition to providing solid teaching on enduring issues.)

- Benjamin Chen


I want to share a great opportunity with you to experience God's Word as it applies to your life in very practical ways. 'Fruitful Interpersonal Relationships' deals specifically with our relationships with both believers and nonbelievers, fellowship in the body, and ministering to others. Not only does the class equip you to walk alongside others, it is incredibly applicable to you on a personal level no matter where you are in your spiritual journey. As I was taking this course two years ago, I was stretched and challenged specifically by studying what the Bible teaches when we are faced with conflict and how to approach the resolution of those conflicts in a Christ-like way.

Steve and Erica have been delving into these texts and teaching this course for the past 30+ years and their insights and joy in sharing what God has taught them are refreshing and contagious.

- Deborah Bond

I want to let you know about Biblical Counseling Course at Stanford, one of the best resources on campus about practical day-to-day living.

1) My friend/roommate have habits that drive me up the wall. But every time I confront them about their habits, they react badly and don't listen. What can I do?

2) It's difficult to communicate with my parents. They just don't seem to understand me, and they annoy me often. But I love my parents, and wish our relationship was better.

3) I feel like I am treated unfairly at work. I work hard there, but people don't seem to be giving me the respect that I deserve. How do I best deal with my circumstances?

Such practical questions rarely addressed from the pulpit, but in the course, we will learn how the Bible answers them in very specific ways. Being a student of the course, I was often surprised how these answers drastically differed from conventional wisdom. They struck me as so full of love, and so other-centered, that I knew that they would be effective.

Steve and Erica Lawry will be teaching the course, and they bring with them more than three decades of carefully understanding the Biblical text, practically applying the text in their own lives, and counseling others from the text. My wife and I have been taking the course together for more than a year, and we have consistently found their material very helpful in understanding and loving each other throughout our courtship, engagement, and marriage.

We look forward to seeing you there!

In Christ's love,

- Jeff Wu

How does the Lord call us to grow in the life situations we go through? How do we minister to other believers who are walking according to the flesh? How do we minister to unbelievers when we least expect it?

This winter quarter we will study our relationships as Christians with other people. We will start with Ephesians 1-3, examining how Paul relates to the members of the church at Ephesus. Study the passage ahead of time to get the most out of the class. As the quarter continues, we will study topics such as resolving friendship conflicts, suffering unjustly, handling God's Word, and triumphing over opposition.

Personally, this is the most practical class I've taken at Stanford. Through taking a wide-angle view of the Bible, it has tied together a lot of tenets of Christianity, giving me a firm Biblical reason to change my manner of thinking.

- Brian Decker