Biblical Counseling Course: Student Comments

Part 3 - Fulfilling Male-Female Relationships

I highly recommend it!

- Elizabeth Dunn Covington

I would like to invite you to attend this quarter's Biblical Counseling Course at Stanford about male-female relationships:

For the single person: How not only to deal with the heartache of loneliness, but to thrive in singleness.

For those dating or engaged: How best to delight the other person while protecting the delight of physical love for marriage.

For those who have blown it sexually: How to rest in God's forgiveness *and* break the patterns that lead to blowing it.

For those married (now or someday): The secrets for understanding, love and respect.

For all: An insightful study of Genesis that reveals what makes each sex "tick", so that we know how best to relate to each other.

The Lord has truly used the Biblical Counseling Course to completely change my life. It was through this course that I learned *how* to break my cycle of lustful fantasizing---something I thought I would never break---and I cannot begin to express the wonderful freedom and joy of submitting my desires to the Lord, both in this area and others. Now that Tara and I are married, I recall the material I learned in this class almost daily while learning how to be a better husband to my wife.

The Biblical Counseling Course is the most in-depth study of the Bible about day-to-day living I have ever attended, and I promise you that not everything will be familiar to even the most mature believer. What distinguishes this course from others is that it not only tells what to do, but *how* to do it. Students, ministry leaders, and counselors will benefit greatly from attending the class.

The course has been taught on the Stanford campus for over thirty years by Steve and Erica Lawry, who bring a tremendous amount of experience studying the Bible, applying it in their own lives, and counseling others.

We look forward to seeing you there!

- Jeff Wu

Regardless of where you're at -- you will come out not only with a very practical understanding of how God has designed us to relate as male-female, but also a greater appreciation for Scripture.

Topics include: dating and engagement, protective boundaries, fulfillment as singles; growing through breaking up, healing from sexual wounds; male-female distinctives and how they affect all relationships; marriage in both joyful and painful seasons; leaving and yet honoring parents; etc.

- Benjamin Chen

I just want to put in a plug for the Biblical Counseling Course run by Parakaleo Christian Ministries at Stanford. This wonderful series has been taught by Steve and Erica Lawry for the past 25 years, and over the course of that time they have really gained a tremendous insight into God's heart and the relationship He wants us to have with Him and each other, all of it solidly grounded on God's Word.

In fact, the overall theme of the course is 'relationships'. Last fall we covered our relationship with God, and winter quarter we discussed our relationships with others. This spring we will be launching into the ever-popular subject of male-female relationships. You do not need have participated in past quarters to attend this spring. In fact, many people start the course in the spring and then take it again from the beginning the following year.

- Ed LeMaster

Steve and Erica Lawry, full-time Christian and Biblical counselors, will be teaching this quarter on SEXUALITY. Topics include: differences between male and female and how these deeply affect every relationship, marriage in the Lord in both joyful and painful seasons, dating and engagement, protective boundaries, growing through breaking up, healing from sexual wounds, leaving and yet honoring parents, and its deep impact on relationships and marriage. This is Christ-centered and expository teaching (straight from God's Word). Steve does the preaching and Erica does the illustrating.

Sessions are weekly, every [Tuesday] (now offered on ) night, and follow the academic quarter. The course and weekly handouts are free. Consistent attendance is most beneficial, although all are welcome to attend individual sessions.

This is an excellent opportunity to learn and grow---Steve and Erica are excellent Bible teachers and experienced counselors. The course will benefit you, your friends and your loved ones as you grow in understanding of God's wonderful plan for our lives.

- Raymond Shen

I think the Lawrys are a special family who have really offered themselves to be used by God at Stanford. I consider their free counseling course to be one of the best deals one can find at tuition-high Stanford.

Topics this quarter include: differences between male & female & how these deeply affect every relationship, marraige in the Lord in both joyful & painful seasons, dating & engagement, protective boundaries, growing through breaking up, healing from sexual wounds, leaving & yet honoring parents & its deep impact on relationships & marriage.

This life-giving, practical, extracurricular course is taught directly from the Bible by Steve & Erica Lawry, full-time Christian Biblical counselors at Stanford for over 30 years. Steve presents the main Bible teaching, and Erica illustrates to provide clear insight into the vital, practical application to our own lives as well as those the Lord gives us opportunities to serve through encouraging them from His Word.

- Shih-Wei Liao

Male-female relationships: the world offers an abundance of advice on how we can find them, what they should look like, and how to find happiness in them. Nevertheless, we often find ourselves, our friends or family members confused about male-female relationships and sexuality. How do I know he/she is "the one"? How do I heal from relational or sexual wounds? How do I have a Godly relationship with my partner? How do I find joy and fulfillment during a season of singleness? How does God define my role as male or female? How do I love and respect my husband/wife? How does the Lord heal and redeem struggling relationships? How do I serve the Lord as parents to children?

The Lord has provided counsel on these questions through His Word. This spring quarter, Steve and Erica Lawry will teach about counseling male-female relationships in the third part of a three-quarter course designed to train biblical counselors from God's Word. The Lawrys, now in their thirty-third year of campus ministry, are gifted and effective teachers of scripture--equipping Stanford believers for ministry through in-depth study of biblical passages and through illustrating practical applications of the Lord's word in daily living. This course is immensely practical, and valuable to those who crave God's truth about male-female relationships.

- Paula Giardini