Resource Overview:

Over the past 40+ years of ministry, Parakaleo has developed a number of resources and handouts for Biblical equipping and counseling, including the fruits of decades of detailed analysis of various passages in Scripture, as well as lots of practical examples and application questions to help students walk the truths out in practice.

So far, very few of these resources have been made publicly available, as some portions of the notes have been further developed since the time of writing, while others need some updating to reflect the rapid changes to the English language & culture over the last few decades. 

We will gradually begin to publish the materials in the following categories:

  • Course Notes (including course notes from the 30 classes in the original Biblical Counseling Course and handouts developed for Biblical Issues Seminars)
  • Recordings (audio / video recordings from some sessions of the Biblical Counseling Course or the Biblical Issues Seminars)
  • Books

Over time, more and more notes will be released as they are updated and edited. Feel free to re-visit this page periodically for updates and new materials!

Biblical Counseling Course Notes

Notes from the 30 classes in the Biblical Counseling Course will be released as they are edited. The Biblical Counseling Course syllabus is here.

Other Materials


  • November 2017:  The true story of the first thanksgiving is an amazing demonstration of the Lord's love and faithfulness to people undergoing great suffering and loss in their quest for religious freedom — a fascinating story that few Americans know and a wonderful account of a long chapter of beautifully positive relations between European immigrants and the native Americans.

    Erica has been researching this history in depth over the past several decades and has told it to hundreds of students who have celebrated Thanksgiving with us in our home — and you may be one of them.

    This is an unedited recording on a student's iPhone of Erica telling the story in November 2017 to a group of students from the Stanford Biblical Counseling Course who would be away during Thanksgiving break.  You might enjoy it as a "welcome back to class" experience and perhaps listen to it with others over Thanksgiving dessert which is when Erica tells it every year.

    Click here to play or download the audio file: Erica Thanksgiving 2017 (38 MB / 65 minutes play time)

The Romans 8 Book

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